Religious Education

Faith Formation Staff:

Director of Religious Education:
Lisa Sampson

For information about religious education at Our Lady of Light Parish, please call (718) 528-1220. You can also email us at the following:

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SO BE BOLD. Christ’s Love Abounds!

How will we be able to carry on providing religious education when gatherings may not be
possible now or at various times in the future? So much has occurred during these past few months that led us to take on new and different roles and responsibilities. Recall that many official Church documents related to religious education and faith formation written by previous recent Popes, including Pope Francis, stress the importance of parents as first and primary educators of their children in the Catholic Faith.

This responsibility is nothing new and has little to do with the current health situation. Recently, Pope Francis told parents at a gathering that children “are the most precious gift you have received,” noting that it was their commitment and generosity that would help their children grow in faith and character. The Church also indicates that adult faith formation is to be provided for all to further equip parents and guardians in. The old saying goes, “You can’t give what you don’t have.” It’s not always an easy process to bring the Faith to others, but it is an essential responsibility and most important gift for all parents and guardians.

Your parish and the Diocese of Brooklyn stands ready to assist you in this important work.

The Church has been collaborating with families in the past through programs of religious education where much of the learning took place in gathered parish or school settings, with the parish or school catechist as the one who ‘is able to echo God’s Word’. These times call for new measures where formal religious education, including Sacramental preparation, can proceed in any circumstance.

Distance Learning Religious Education, combined with gathered settings when possible, is called Blended Learning and will provide for ongoing formation under any circumstance. Parish catechists and catechetical leaders will assist you in your role of assisting your child(ren) learn their Faith as they have in the past, not only in preparation for the Sacraments, but as a means of growing as missionary disciples, a mission to which we
are all called. The parish catechists and catechetical leaders will always be there to support and encourage you.

Pope Francis, in Evangelli Gaudium, realistically points out that we will have to rely on different means and ways to convey the Faith:
“Let us believe the Gospel when it tells us that the kingdom of God is already present in this
world and is growing, here and there, and in different ways: like the small seed which grows into a great tree (cf. Mt 13:31-32), like the measure of leaven that makes the dough rise (cf. Mt 13:33) and like the good seed that grows amid the weeds (cf. Mt 13, 24-30) and can always pleasantly surprise us. The kingdom is here, it returns, it struggles to flourish anew.”

Although many parents and guardians are not teachers by training, all parents and guardians are catechists by Baptism. Parents and guardians are not expected to know everything about the Faith or the best methods for teaching or catechizing. Your parish and the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Secretariat for Evangelization and Catechesis will provide the necessary resources and training that will help us do the best we can and grow in our ability to do better as time goes on. Practical resources are available and updated regularly at:
Stay tuned for more information and we look forward to collaborating with you.

A Catholic retreat designed for your child.

During this unprecedented pandemic time, with restricted access to mass, children’s liturgy, Catechism
classes and Sunday School like programs, we know that many parents are looking for
creative and effective ways to teach the faith to their children. This is the heart of our
mission here: To support parents and to help kids stay excited and connected to their
Catholic faith.
The Ocean of Mercy Virtual Catholic Conference for Kids! June 20 and 21, 2020.
• AMAZING CONTENT- Featuring many of the top Catholic media producers
for children
• POWER IN PRAYER! – Join thousands of other children from around the world as
we pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and cry out to God for Mercy on the whole
“Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.”
Mark 10:13-16
To register and for details, go to


Please direct parents and family members who are
assisting with religious education to the following
videos that are available for their use:
• A Call to Family Catechesis
• Eat Family Meals Together!
• Faith Formation Tips and Prayer
• Making Your Home a Prayerful Place

Program Goals for This Year at Our Lady of Light Parish
We provide opportunities for all, regardless of age or circumstance, to enrich their faith. Catechesis is a lifelong process; the seed is planted by God, nurtured by the family, and strengthened by the church. Our program goals this year:
– Provide ongoing educational opportunities in the faith.
– Promote an awareness of sacraments.
– Encourage spiritual faith formation.
– Develop a vision of catechesis as an essential “moment” in the process of evangelization.

Policies and Procedures for Students who are in Need of Sacraments:
Parents of students preparing for the sacraments are required to participate in the preparation provided by the parish. The preparation for the sacraments is ongoing, and students are expected to attend classes before and after they have received their sacraments.

For students who are six years of age or below, baptism may be administered by the priest or deacon upon the request of the parents with instructions given to the parents at a session before the sacrament is administered. Students should be enrolled in the grade that they are presently in school.

For students seven years of age through high school, the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and holy communion will be administered at Easter Vigil as part of the R.C.I.A. These students should be enrolled in Faith Formation classes in the grade they attend in regular school for a period of two years before they receive the sacraments. The decision to permit these students to receive the sacraments will be made by the pastor, teacher and CCD coordinator at the appropriate time. During their preparation periods, special sacramental catechesis will be given in addition to their regular Faith Formation classes. In the case of a high school student, he/she will attend a special high school class provided by the parish.

For all students, Faith Formation classes are offered from Kindergarten through High School. Students are expected to attend class each year, whether they are receiving a sacrament that year or not. Regular attendance at Mass and regular reception of the sacraments must be a priority for all Catholics.


Click on the link below to access free resources for Adult Faith Formation!

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