Pastor’s Corner

Dear Parishioners of Our Lady of Light,

I greet all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By the virtue of our baptism, Christ has made us his Missionary Disciples. Christ is our Master to whom we are called to center our lives on, constantly listening to him as he opens the scriptures and as he gives himself to us through the breaking of the Bread.

As Missionary Disciples of Christ, our vocation is to obey the voice of our Master and be ready at any time to go where he wants to go to proclaim his Gospel. When Bishop DiMarzio asked me if I was willing to move to another parish, my answer was straight “Yes”, without knowing the parish that the bishop wished to send us. After a few weeks, Bishop informed me that he had appointed me to Our Lady of Light.

I was really happy without knowing why. On the other hand, I became aware that when Christ sends you, he moves ahead of you, so that where you go you will find Christ already present in the place and in the hearts of his disciples. And this is what we are witnessing here and now in this parish of Our Lady of Light. I am grateful to God for sending us here to be the witness of his love among you. We expect two missionaries to join us soon – Fr. Gazena Haile from Ethiopia and Fr. Yago Abeledo from Spain.

We should never forget that Christ is the TRUE PASTOR of our parish, and we are all called to be participants in his Mission through various pastoral activities in our parish of our Lady of Light.

May our Mother Mary be the light that leads us to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Fr. Bartholomew Mrosso M.Afr