Parish Changes

Bishop Di Marzio has asked that I take on the responsibility of becoming the Pastor of St. Bonaventure and St. Benedict the Moor. As of October 1st I will be moving to St. Bonaventure Rectory.

The Diocese has asked that the priests of St. Bonaventure, St. Benedict the Moor come to Our Lady of Light to serve the pastoral ministry of the Parish.

Since the priests of Saint Bonaventure- St. Benedict the Moor are from a Religious Order they will be living in community as such Father Jean Pierre will also be transferred on October 1, 2020. He will be assigned to Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Corona, Queens.

Change is always a difficult process. It was my intentions to spend the rest of my active ministry here at Our Lady of Light. on one level I am disappointed that the Diocese had made this request for me to assume the responsibilities of Pastor of this other Parish, but when I was ordained a priest I promised obedience to the Bishop. In fulfilling that promise I will do myh best to respond to the pastoral needs of this new Parish.

Please Pray for me as I will continue to pray for you.

  • Fr. Dillon

ACA Appeal 2020

I need your help. Our Annual Catholic Appeal’s network of services has had to be flexible in this unprecedented time, and we anticipate we will need to maintain this response to meet the growing demand for support. Your partnership is critical as we navigate this situation.

Our mission remains the same, but COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our annual needs.

  • We now serve over 100,00 meals daily across our Diocese in response to the 300% increase in demand.
  • Over 120 parishes offer daily livestream coverage of Mass and 144 parishes communicate daily with parishioners using social media.
  • Our educators were required to quickly implement innovative distance learning  They remain committed to forming the hearts and minds of our Catholic youth.
  • We have 30 hospital chaplains currently deployed across our boroughs consoling the sick and most vulnerable.
  • And of course, our devoted clergy, who remain at the frontlines of this pandemic. They continue to enrich our lives spiritually and have partnered with our network of support services to address the local needs developing across our Diocese.

As a committed parishioner, friend, and Catholic, we need your support to uphold our mission. I am grateful to all the parishioners  who have made a generous commitment to the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal. This unwavering support has allowed us to reach $24,422.00 of our Parish 2020 Goal of $37,261.00 goal.  We are only $12,839.00 away from our goal.

If you have not made a pledge this year and are able to do so, I ask that you join me in demonstrating that WE ARE THE CHURCH, TOGETHER by considering a gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal.


You may make your gift online at or text ACA to 917-336-1255

or call 718-965-7375 ext. 1602 and have a pledge card mailed to your home.


We thank you in advance for making a gift commensurate with your means and circumstances!

Restart of Parish Masses

To the Parish Family of Our Lady of Light,
Bishop DiMarzio has authorized the restart of the celebration of the Eucharist.  We will begin Daily Mass on Monday, June 29th at 8:00 AM at St. Catherine of Sienna and 9:00 AM at St. Pascal Baylon.  These Masses will be celebrated in the Church not the Chapels.
Sunday liturgies will begin on Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th.  We will follow the regular schedule of 5:00 PM Saturday and 10:00 AM Sunday at St. Pascal Baylon.  8:00 AM Sunday and 12 Noon Sunday at St. Catherine of Sienna.
Thank you for all those who have been able to support our parish these past three months with donations.  We are trying our best to serve our parish family with our resources.
Please stay safe and let us remember one another in our prayers.
Fr. Jeffry
                                                           Notes On the Restart of Masses
Daily Mass at 9:00 am and Sunday Mass at 10:00 AM will continue to be lived streamed for those who choose to stay at home.
There is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notice.
Those who are at higher risk from COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to stay at home.  This includes the elderly and those who have underlying health conditions.
Those who are not feeling well, those with fever or cough of any sort should not come to Church for Mass or for a visit.
During Mass:
     *Masks must be worn at all times.
     *Safe distancing must be maintained: at least six feet.
     *Seating: families may sit together, but all other must stay six feet apart.  Those who arrive early are to
       move to the center.  Pews have been closed in order to help with safe distancing.
Use of bathroom should be limited for safety reasons.  They cannot be disinfected during Mass.
Hymnals and Missalettes have been removed from Church.
Communion will only be distributed in the hand of the recipient. 

ACA Website link

ACA website which includes information, giving link, and video: