From Our Pastor

Dear Members of the Parish of Our Lady of Light,
This week we began the reopening of our Church sites for Eucharistic celebrations.  At the present time we get about four (4) people attending at St. Pascal Baylon and about seven (7) people attending at St. Catherine of Sienna.  I am sure that the numbers will return to normal after awhile and people are more comfortable and feel more safe.
Also we have begun the work on the roof at St. Catherine of Sienna Church.  After a number of locations have been cleansed of asbestos residue we will begin the process of replacing the tiles.  Also the plaza for the Church entrance will be addressed and a new plaza constructed.  I have been told that the contractor feels that all of this work will be completed by November 1, 2020.
We have received good news from the Diocese about our request to be exempt from paying the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton assessment for the year 2020/2021.  This will afford us the opportunity to invest this money and be able to pay back the loan that we are taking from the Diocese to attend to these repairs.
I ask that you keep this project in your prayers.
As we approach Independence Day may we all remember that it should be a celebration for all of our citizens.  Hopefully the actions of the Black Lives Matter movement will inspire all Americans to realize the systemic racism that is prevalent in our society and in many of our institutions and challenge us all in whatever way to work to roll back these injustices.
Fr. Jeffry